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Saving files on the Rigol scopes

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Well to be honest I have read the manual and I'm still a bit clueless. How do I store data on a USB stick with my rigol scope ? the scenario being I'm capturing some back EMF spikes (well turns out more like oscillations but anyway) and I want to save the image or the data the scope has collected for review on a computer and to possibly compile into a report. How do I do this ?

I am not in front of the scope right now, but first you must plug in a usb memory stick.  Go to Storage, then External.  I believe that you can then create a new file and it will give you the opportunity to name it at that point.  You can save as a jpeg or a csv if you want to import into excel or similar.


Those CSV files sure can take a long time to save and be up to 20 Mb, just fair warning.

yea so I discovered, 21.something MB for the full 1MSample readout. luckily for my current purposes at work they just want screen shots I think.

My next question was going to be: what can I do with a CVS file ? in excel it makes a horrible graph, is there a program that can interpret the info and display it interactively so that I can "zoom" into it and move it around ?

oh and after not being able to get a USB stick I discovered how cool it is to use my phone as a USB memory and then I can review the screenshot on the phone with people.

You can edit the Excel graph to make it slightly less awful.

CSV files are especially useful if you want to process the data in some way. For simple graphs, a screenshot is easier and faster, and has the advantage that it conveniently shows range settings and measurements. A CSV file can be imported in any competent piece of data processing/calculation software (which doesn't include Excel), for example Matlab (or free clones like Octave). Matlab does allow you to zoom in on graphs. These do have a fairly steep learning curve. More dedicated would be something like SignalExpress, but that's probably quite expensive. These programs allow you to filter and analyze the data in various ways. If you just want a picture for documentation purposes, I'd stick to screenshots.


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