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Searching for a cheap power slide switch
« on: April 25, 2013, 06:17:54 pm »
I'm building a power supply module for our robotics kit and it needs a small power switch, I'd like to use a slide switch, but I can't find a cheap one under $1.

The rating should be above 12V and 3A, which is quite a lot. I've only found small switches capable of 30V/0.3A and such, but I need more current for my system as it has an included H-bridge and servo motors that consume quite a lot of power.

This slide switch was the best I was able to find on Mouser at 6A, I'm not limited to Mouser, but I'd like to source all from there, of course I won't limit myself if there are better alternatives elsewhere. The form factor is also important, is has to be quite small to fit on the PCB (such as the examples above).

Can anybody advise? Or at least confirm that I won't find much better.

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