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Secondhand Oscilloscope


I found this ad in the local clasifieds.

--- Quote ---Labtech model 3502 20 MHz dual trace with probes and instruction manual. Very little use and in excellent condition.
--- End quote ---

Has anyone heard of this brand, is it worth buying?

I don't have any specific need for an oscilloscope at the moment but for that price I would buy it just to get the hang of it.

If the price Is low I'd get it.

I've not seen or heard of that brand before, but no doubt the more experienced guys will be along soon with their thoughts. I think as an analogue scope though I'd buy it myself to accompany my Instek 1062A as an analogue scope is always worth having. If it's cheap enough it would be worth having even if it's was just to help with getting used to using a scope. If it's also fully functional and accurate, well you'll have just got yourself a really good scope.


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