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Goodnight to everyone, I'm actually interested in using the great ARM chips, and I have actually two ARM boards, one LPCXpresso 1768 and one STM32 Discovery, but as usual all the compilers for this chips are always evaluation versions, limited in code size, optimization and some things more, but they are all based in the gcc compiler so there must be a way to use the nice gcc compiler and an IDE, I'm not a great user of Eclipse ou CodeBlocks, but I would really love to have a nice compiler/IDE to use my two boards, I already know the CodeSourcery lite but I don't really understand how can I get it compiling some code as it is command line based.
Any help will be very appreciated.
Thanks in advance!  ;)

Depends on the operating system you'll be using for this.
You can run them as is under linux or under Cygwin on Windows.

YAGARTO runs under the Eclipse IDE and is one I'm currently installing.

Ups, if forgot to say that I can use both Windows Vista or Ubuntu 10.04, its straight forward to use Yagarto and Eclipse or are there obscure settings that I need to fiddle?
One problem is that I dont have any Jtag programmer, only the built in programmers from the dev-boards, for now I will focus in the LPC1768 as its way more powerful that the st100xx chip in the STM discovery board, I'm what I understand using anything other than the CodeRed IDE I cant upload code to my board, right or wrong?
Thanks for your help.

Sorry, can't answer your questions as I'm new to this myself  :)

I've done a little PIC programming using the MPLAB free stuff but this is the first try at installing an open source IDE (Eclipse) and tool chain for a specific processor family.

I run Linux (Centos 5.5) on a server which is where I want all this stuff to end up but at the moment, I'm installing to a Windows XP virtual machine via VMware as most of the IDE and toolchain stuff I've found is Windows based. As I've never been a Windows user, this is a slow process.

My only experience is AVR programming using AvrStudio and plain C and the Arduino IDE, in university I have programmed an intel 80186 processor both in C and ASM, and in computers I only have experience in programming simple things in C under linux(ubuntu) and in there its just calling the gcc in the command line to compile simples programs.
I hope that everything goes in the right direction to you, as I think that without an JTag programmer I wont do anything using other IDE than the CodeRed to be able to upload the .hex to the LPC1768.


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