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Hello i was wondering if there was somewhere where i could find simple circuits and their use from voltage divider to a dc-dc buck converter. im looking to get more familiar with real circuits that get used. Thanks

I'd start with "The Art of Electronics" (Horowitz & Hill) or something similar (like the German book "Halbleiter-Schaltungstechnik by Tietze & Schenk). From there you can progress and search for specific literature/examples on each topic.

1 place is in old service manuals, like for Tektronix or Heathkit equipment like old DMM's, oscilloscopes, etc. They usually have a chapter called Theory of operation, or Circuit Description, and I'm just starting to really appreciate how useful they can be. The stuff from the 1960's for instance, was still mostly made with discrete transistors.


Have a look at page 24, my project for today is to calculate some resistor values to make that 3 transistor comparator/amplifier work.

here is my free SMPS course with loads of LTspice circuit examples, including bucks etc

LTspice is a free download.

Building ccts and scoping them is the best way to get up to speed...but it takes too long, and so LTspice can do a lot for you here.

Anything by Forrest Mims but especially "Getting Started In Electronics"

There's a sticky at the top of the forum re: educational materials


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