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Simulating Logic Circuit in OrCad 16

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Hi everyone! Here I am with another newbie question!

I just started taking logic and digital systems classes. Happens we got the first assignment.

It is a very very simple Mastermind game, where a player makes a combination and the second player must guess it.

For every guess, there are 4 leds, one (P) lights when both positions are correct. The other (Q) lights when one of the positions is correct. Another (C) lights when both colors are correct and the last (D) when only one color is correct.

Player one has S and R inputs. Player two has T and U inputs.

Now, the problem is solved in paper. Problem is, I would like to test it in a simulation but I don't know if it is possible in OrCad. I'm lacking the IC's for operations, and college is closed today and tomorrow.

Attached is the image of the circuit planed in OrCad in a schematic project.

P.S.: I can make simulations with regular circuits. But I think logic and digital systems have another process of approaching right?

Best regards,


your not making a lot of sense basically this is an multiple AND system ? if both inputs are the same the led lights ?, it's quite simple and you should just write out the truth tables and see if you get the required output for each possible combination of inputs

No, no. I just explained a part of it so you guys could see what it is about. I know it works in theory and after making the circuit it will too. But I would like to make the simulation. What I don't know is if I should use the normal simulation settings or if there is another way of testing logic circuits.

Well, here is my two cents on this...

Since I have never used OrCAD to design digital logic, I would use a free digital logic simulator.

Having said that, if I were forced to use OrCAD and knew how to simulate analogue circuits, but couldn't get the logic gates running, I would implement the diode equivalents circuits for each gate and prove it that way.

Is OrCAD a requirement?


No, actually not a requirement, is just a software I already have and am used to use. The implementation  you suggest would be a nice idea for a very small circuit. But for this one it seems too much work. I'll try to simulate the real circuit and see how it goes. I'll post the result here.


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