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sixthhd hd-1 mystery chip
« on: October 21, 2019, 05:14:27 pm »
Friendly greetings !

i bought a 7" screen branded "Koolertron".
Since it's for an FPGA project i, teared it down but found a weird chip with the model erased and rewritten : "SIXTHHD HD-1"

My google-fu found this japanese video
I don't speak japanese :(

But thanks to him, it pointed to a Realtek RTD2660.
Well, the photo and spec he got was a RTD2660 but he ended up witht he same weird chip as me.
The screen i bought, look like the same board, do not mention any chipset at all. i can only assume it's a RTD2660.
This is the datasheet i found :

Apparently it support a whole bunch of stuff (eg : downscaling 1920x1440 input to the 1024x600 output)

Anyone have experience with this mystery chip ?
Can i assume it's really a RTD2660 ? Any way to confirm ?
It even have a 8051 MCU with 256KB of flash ^^ (for the OSD i assume)

thank you.

PS : we can see on the full photography there is a little bit of a non-erased logo than can possibly be part of the realtek logo.

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Re: sixthhd hd-1 mystery chip
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2019, 02:15:46 am »
You can check the pinout. I suspect RTD2660 or 2662 is correct, and you can find (Russian only, unfortunately) a firmware project for them:

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