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Re: Soldering: Holding stuff to the PCB
« Reply #25 on: May 08, 2018, 11:42:32 am »
Wow, would like to have a PCBgrip kit too but the price is rather high. The way I would like it, it is over 300 euro. But this probably can do what I often deed, mount several PCB's above or next to each other so I can measure while repairing coupled PCB's (I often make extension wires but it is alway a hassle to keep them safe and turning one around is even harder. I think I can mount three pcb vice clamps on one "backbone" PCBgrip and so turn all of them the same time

I got in on the KS so the price was lower and ofc in USD$ which helped.  Think I got the VK5 edition since I had no Panavise at the time and ran me 25$ USD at the time.  Since I don't do major projects (yet) and just getting back into hobby electronics as my 2 son's age and leave us (1 in local college, 1 on the way this fall) I may end up getting more as I get into larger projects.  I'm glad he had the idea and thought to go to Kickstarter and I was glad I could help with my small amount.  He's had 3-4 campaigns now for various things he sells and likely will have others in the future; keep an eye out!

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Re: Soldering: Holding stuff to the PCB
« Reply #26 on: May 08, 2018, 01:33:52 pm »
When I can bend the component leads, I usually do that.

For some components, if I can't bend the pins, I flow just enough solder into the hole from the same side as the component then, after getting it positioned just right, I reflow the solder and let it absorb maximum heat, then remove the soldering iron and quickly plunge the lead into the molten pool. This is usually enough to tack the component in place. That's how I do things like DIP sockets and Molex connectors.

In either case, if it's a 3+ pin package, I'll usually solder one corner, then apply pressure and reflow the solder so the component sits flat.
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