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Solder Jumpers using SMD Pads?

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Hey guys,
I'm putting together a little board so I can make simple SMD/SOIC prototypes without making a different board every time... one thought I had was to use 0805 resistor pads as either 0805 components or solder jumpers... the spacing between the two pads is around 25 mil / 0.65mm.  What do you guys think, would this work or is the gap too big? Would there be some other issue with this method?

I've attached an image of the board so you can have a look...  its set up to be used with or without a breadboard.

Thanks, Will

0.65mm Is fine IMO. Usually I go for 1mm.
If you are going to solder mask this thing keep the area between the pads clear. Trust me you don't want any solder mask in there  ;)

Thanks - I thought about removing the solder mask, but then not having done too much in the way of SMD soldering yet I wasn't sure what impact that would have if I tried to put an 0805 component on top.  Only one way to find out I suppose!

The pad shape and gap makes quite  a difference to how easily links can be made and broken. The optimum shape is a pair of semicircles, as solder blobs like to be circular, but 0805 sized pads with maybe a 25mil gap work OK

You also can use normal resistor pads and 0 ohm resistors.


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