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Soldering iron for service work

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I just wanted to come back to this and say Thanks Simon! I got an Antex 18W G/3U and a 3/32" chisel tip (which I think will be good for general stuff). I've used it a few times and it blows anything else I've ever had out of the water! Excellent recommendation!

good, yes my 12W iron is fine for any electronic assembly, I'd only need something bigger for large items

I use a little butane torch for automotive work. You can get pretty good with them and they're very quick, but it takes practice before you can use it for customers.

hehe I'd just use an inverter

I already have an inverter mounted in the back of my truck for chargers, so I don't need to play around with propane/butane or a 12V iron but if I did, Antex makes one.


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