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I'm planing to buy a soldering station for everyday use. Which of these 2 soldering stations would you recommend and why?
ERSA RSA80 or Weller WD1

I would go with ERSA because:

a) Most ERSA tips have a screwdriver-like shape, that transmits heat more efficiently than conic tips
b) You are in Europe, it is very easy to get ERSA spare parts there

I am a happy ERSA user since 1971, currently owning an i-Con 2

ERSA, because cartridge-like soldering tips work better.

I am not sure what shipping to Ireland might add, but Reichelt is currently discounting the RDS-80.

Neither because both are outdated designs. Also RDS80 is not ESD safe. Totally not worth it even at discounted price. Get Ersa I-CON NANO instead, it's so much better. https://www.amazon.it/Nano-0IC1200-digitale-stazione-saldatura/dp/B002MQLJ46
If you don't care about ESD, then there is also cheaper I-CON PICO.


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