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Soldering station grounding



I recently received a new "Ersa i-Con Pico" soldering station and I was surprised to see it has a power plug without a ground terminal, so the station isn't grounded at all (including the tip).

Can this be a big problem with uC & LED soldering? May static electricity build up in the tip since it isn't grounded? The station also doesn't have a potential eq. jack and is listed as "not anti-static".

Should it be enough to just ground the metal soldering iron stand (when you pull the iron out, you touch it with the tip most of the time) to equalize static charges?


that will do. one day i'll remove that ground off my iron's tip, sometime i solder grounded live (on battery or pc usb powered) circuit. that "grounding the stand" is a good idea.

It is designed like that? You'd better confirm with the sender maybe there is something missing, or if it is designed like this itself, you do not need to worry about, just use it according to the manual.


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