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So i need to get a new soldering station mine broke yesterday.. (it was a $5 one)
Which one you guys recommend? i want it to last for my entire degree (im an ee student 3rd year)

Alot of people recommend the WES51  for around $100 anything better than that? or you guys also recommend that WES51?

I'd get that one or a Hakko FX-888(though it doesn't seem to be available in the US right now).

I have a Metcal station but about a year ago I had to run out and grab a backup while I waited for a new heater for the Metcal to be shipped. I snagged one of these...


Granted at $40 US it's a cheapo (I think it's a rebranded Hakko 936), but the thing has really performed well. Far better than I expected.

Turns out it's nice to have this one to drag around so I can leave the Metcal on the bench (the Metcal is crazy expensive).

alot of people are also recommending Aoyue 937+ , you guys have any input on that?

bah just ordered the Weller WESD51


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