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Solutions for noisy switchmode PS?

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Hi all

I bought a small 230vAC to 12v DC switchmode PS from DealExtreme to power a small strip of LEDs for a bench light. I noticed today, while tuning the ham bands, how noisy this PS is. It's like a broadband hash noise. Is there a simple way to nuke this noise without turning the light off?


well i am going to assume that its spitting out RF and noise on your mains right? the rf is pretty easy to handle, i am guessing its a plastic case, if so, grab some tin foil and coat the inside of the case and something ontop of it to prevent it shorting out internally, if it has a ground brough in, tie the sheild to it,

if its on the mains, then if it has wires, loop some ferrite beads on them, and hope,

Shielded box, extra ferrite beads and chokes on both input and output leads, as well as remove the capacitor across the isolation barrier and connect the secondary side to mains earth. Should solve all the problems.

Ferrite chokes are merely just to filter the power line .

The best and cheapest way is to use alu-foil and a little bit of tape to stop it from shorting to the foil .

Best probably will be a linear supply, no noise at any amateur bands at all, with probably only double the loss of the SMPS at low power.


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