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Some of my new SMD electrolytics have ESD warning stickers?

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Hi, gang,

Some new SMD electrolytics I just bought are packaged in anti-static bags and come with ESD warning labels. Some even indicate how long they can remain outside the sealed anti-static bag before they need to be discarded!

Did I just do a Rip Van Winkle?

In the first 50 years of building electronic stuff I have never seen anything like that on an electrolytic cap?

Of course, I'm pretty new to SMD, so maybe that's a thing?


--Kirk, NT0Z

probably just use the same bags with the same stickers for everything, better to do it and not need it than need it and not do it

Yes just common packaging, and the open time parameter is there so they can ensure that the parts will still reflow properly, as the factory tinning will slowly degrade with moisture and oxygen if it is not protected by being soldered into the circuit. Keep the package sealed till needed, and put dessicant sachets into the bag when opened, nice freshly baked ones that are dry, and seal the bag hermetically with a bar sealer as well.External PVC bags work well, simply put the entire original one in it, 2 sachets of dessicant, and heat seal, easiest using one of those cheap kitchen vacuum sealer units.


--- Quote from: NT0Z on January 29, 2023, 02:32:55 am ---Some even indicate how long they can remain outside the sealed anti-static bag before they need to be discarded!

--- End quote ---

This has nothing to do with ESD. It's moisture sensitivity level, and means after that much time, parts may have absorbed too much moisture from air and cannot be reflow soldered safely, because at sudden high temperature, tiny water droplets boil inside cracking the package. You can carefully handsolder, or you can bake the parts slowly at lower temperature, then reflow as usual. Nothing needs to be discarded.

Though, I think they probably have wrong moisture sensitivity level printed by accident, or manufacturer is playing extra safe for some weird reason. Usually such MSL ratings are seen with semiconductors in certain types of packages. I would not stress about it, even if you plan to reflow solder them.

Thanks for the update.

I haven't ever "toaster oven reflowed" anything with big electrolytic caps, but almost all of my work is hand soldered.

--Kirk, NT0Z


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