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Hi all,
I want to make better cables for my chinesium spot welder and for that I need to buy the connectors/ terminals.
At first glance the original one looks like 8 mm bullet or EC8 connector; however, it's longer and crimped.

After a lot of googling I did found this one EC8 image with exactly what I need.
But all EC8 connectors, I found for sale, look different and have the hole for soldering so they are not meant for crimping (with hydraulic hex crimpers).

As English is not my native language, maybe my search terms are not correct?
Anyway. Any idea where to get the 8 mm bullet crimp connectors?

Standards in spot welding are few and far between.  Most spot welding cables use some form of bolt-on attachment, but there are many other methods too.  I'd see if I could find some DIY welding forums.  All that said, soldering should not be an issue if the equipment duty cycle is adhered to.  If the cables are big enough, something else would let go before the solder melted.

BTW, the Chinese make some of the best spot welding equipment on the planet.  They are also masters of supplying a market.  Any market.  So they will gladly provide stuff to a market that does not value their hobby/job/etc. enough to buy the quality they really need then complain about the junk they bought.  :-DD

A spot welder uses a couple of volts at hundreds of amps, perhaps the problem is using any type of cable? Most spot welders use rigid arms, with the absolute minimum of enclosed area inside the arm loop.

Welders use Dinse connectors, these are a sort of bayonet connector, but excellent for high current use. Not so great on low voltage because made from brass, and the current rating means they are large.

Alternatives are connectors for fork lifts and similar.

So no one has an idea where to get that connector?

"I'd see if I could find some DIY welding forums"


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