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Hallo to everybody, I am new on this forum, I need some help choosing multimeter...I found on the market uneversal 6in1 multimeter STANDARD ST-61 with plenty of features, priced ~75 EUR:

6 in 1 multifunction multimeter, including DMM, sound level meter, light meter, humidity meter, tempearture meter and Non-contact AC voltage detector
Safety design meets CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V
Infrared probe for non-contact temperature measurement
Double molded housing
4000 counts digital LCD display with back light
Auto ranging
Data hold and relative function
Auto power off


Function   Max Range   Max. resolution   Basic Accuracy
Light   20,000 Lux   0.1 Lux   ±5%±10d
   40,000 Lux      
Sound   100dB   0.1dB   ±3.5dB
Humidity   95% RH   0.1% RH   ±3.5% RH
Temperature   -20 ~ 750 °C   0.1 ° up to 400 °, 1° over 400 °   ±3%±3°C
   -4 ~ 1400 °F   0.1 ° up to 400 °, 1° over 400 °   ±3%±5°F
NCV   50-1000V      
Voltage DC   600V   0.1mV   ±5%±2d
Voltage AC   600V   0.1mV   ±1.2%±10d
Current DC   10A   0.1uA   ±1.0%±2d
Current AC   10A   0.1uA   ±1.0%±2d
Resistance   40M?   0.1?   ±0.8%±2d
capacitance   100uF   0.01nF   ±3.5%
Frequency   100Mhz   0.001Hz   ±1.5%
Duty cycle   99.90%   0.10%   ±1.2%
Diode check   Open voltage 2.8VDC, test current 1mA
Continuity test   Threshold 30?      
Size (H x W x D): 170mm x 79mm x 50mm
Weight: 342g

As I am new to multimeters, please can somebody give me some advice, is it wise to buy something like this?
I don't quite understand accuracy, but it seems to me it is not so accurate, on the market I see some multimetres with 0.5% DC voltage accuracy, and here as I see is 5%+2d (or sound 3.5db etc....)...can somebody explain me what to expect in a real life....

Here is the link: http://www.wintal.com.au/upload/sellsheets/ST61-Digital-Multimeter-sellsheet.pdf

Thank you

5% DCV accuracy is horrible, that's got to be a typo (0.5% isn't great either, pretty average for a 3.x digits meter). DCV accuracy worse than ACV and resistance is very unlikely. Apart from that, from the specs it appears this meter is heavy on features, which usually means it's light on quality. Affordable stuff either only has a limited number of features, or is crap, in my experiences. No serious DMM that I know of includes sound, light and humidity, these just sound like useless features to help it sell. No specific experiences with this meter, this is just from the specs you posted.


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