Author Topic: Stepping out from Arduino : Start on January 20 with Keil IDE and Ti Launchpad  (Read 1202 times)

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Very often, there are message asking for a way to go beyond the Arduino programming.

Tomorrow (January 20 ) is starting  the excellent MOOC from  Austin University

Embedded Systems - Shape The World!

This is a series of lectures about microcontroller programming in C, using a professional environment (Keil)
with the TM4C123   Tiva C  launchpad  Texas  Instrument developing card as target. You need to buy this card to do the labs (about 13$).
Everything else is free, apart from a small amount of standard  electronics parts.
The course lasts for 16 weeks. At the end,  you should know how to program the registers of a  IC,  do in circuit debugging using professional tools, and  program a state machine for a robot.

The very nice thing is the possibility to have your programs and hardware evaluated online through the keil  IDE. This is excellent for isolated 
people. The forum of the course is also a good place to  progress.

If you have nothing in your  drawers, you can eventually get a full kit.

Disclaimer : I have absolutely no interest either in EdX, Austin University, Keil, Ti, but followed  most of it last year and found that it was the best combination  of lectures/labs I encountered on the Web for self educating.

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