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storing data at 100Mhz

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i want to store 10byte parallel data being recieved at a speed of 100Mhz
precisely speaking the data is valid for 6ns and then for the next 4ns it settles to the next value
the total data will be about 200Kbytes
after 200KB is filled this data is to be send to the computer ( till the data is send to computer no new data comes in )

i have been looking for ram, counters, cpld, but could not figure put how to achieve this efficiently by spending  not more than 40$

Ok, so you need an data logger for less than 40$  , it will not happen in this life .. sorry .

A small FPGA or CPLD and some fast external SRAM would do this easily, and less than $40 in part, but not once you've put it on a PCB.
Do you mean 10 bytes or 10 bits? 10 bytes is doable but you'd have a very wide bus, and will be well out of your price target
Many FPGA devboards have SRAM, but you'll have to pay a little more. You will probably struggle to find a board with fast enough SRAM, but slower, wider RAM is another option.
Probably the cheapest would be to use a reasonably wide SDRAM  with a FIFO in the FPGA to cover the setup periods.

For PC download something with onboard USB, would be useful to make a single-board ready made solution - I'm sure there is something out there, but not for $40.
This product might be an option. There are plenty more out there.

Some common (and very cheap if you know where to get it) PC133 will do that nicely.

Getting the data in there will probably be not so cheap.


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