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Title: STS8C5H30L suitable for arduino control? dual n/p channel for isolation?
Post by: telarc on February 22, 2016, 12:35:27 am
Hi, I need to route a 5V 1A supply to various parts of a circuit, but only one part at a time (isolated the rest of the time). The only way I've discovered how that might be possible is using isolated DC-DC converters or maybe a  dual chan n/p mosfet for each route. I'm wondering if

a) a STS8C5H30L Dual N/P-channel MOSFET ( ( can be driven from 5v logic and handle 1A, Ive sorted through a number of part sheets and believe I've narrowed it down to this with it's vgs rating and low on draw, but I cant be certain I've understood it all correctly.

b) Can I use the n and p channel mosfet to isolate the + and gnd of that 5v 1A output? I would like to use a number of these with a paralleled input voltage and then direct which part of the circuit that voltage goes to by turning them on/off.   

EDIT: Attached a picture as a rough example, apologies for basic errors in it, I'm not very skilled with mosfets. In this example I would like to switch the charger between batteries (works manually).
EDIT: Maybe I can isolate the mcu from the mosfet control with opto isolators so I can avoid some of the problems in those images.
EDIT: Relays would work, but I need to activate 200+ times a day