Author Topic: Success Prototype 40v 4amp MC1466L power supply Thankyou everyone that helped !  (Read 326 times)

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It works !!! With a few little tweaks I'll get the output perfect. It's a bit of a mess right now with all the hacks but it works great .Nice sweet current control with a nice 1 milliamp step.Goes to 3.98 amps at max.All the 2N3055,s get warm but not to hot to touch so they're all running at all levels of current .
So far the voltage control works with 1 millivolt step without any problems but will test that further.The final model I'll change out the analog meters for digital ones.
I finally figured out the math to get the values of resistors that get the output amperage of each transistor and balance the ones in parallel.
With this design I can increase amperage output as much as i need but we'll see.
I would like to thank everyone that had offered their input and help.
Here's the schematic ,so far, that works.
Again thank you folks.

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