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Suitable Replacement Screens for Displays (second noob post :) )


Ok all yall wizards and wizardesses out there, please if anyone has time wave your magic wand over me and answer me this. ummm, i hear people saying that when looking for a replacement screen for a television its about finding whats suitable. Ok now, here is where im getting at. How the H . E double honkey stick am i suppose to know whats suitable. Is there a suitable tech book or some crap out there that tells me all the parts thats suitable. Is it like a secret book or something like the techanati book of secrets; like in the chapter of suitable displays? Ok let me stop, its just that i am getting answers but half answers. can someone just be direct and could every wizard and wizardess in magic tech DavesLand please unite there powers and help a poor peasant out such as myself   :) (resources do well) :)

There are plenty of different types of displays out there,even within the major categories"
LCD ,Plasma,or even good old Cathode Ray tube (CRT)!

What kind of TV,old,new, brandname,model number,year of manufacture?

If it is an analog CRT TV,I'd say."Don't bother",as the chance of finding a replacement tube is small,& for a noob,fitting & setting a new tube up is a nightmare.
The news isn't a lot better for LCD or Plasma,unfortunately,as again,fitting & setting them up,is very messy.

For plasmas and LCDs you should Google the part number.

This is usually more successful for smaller panels like the ones found in laptops.

Sheesh. U know i really have to figure out how the local techs manage to facilitate lcd display screens for their customers. Got one here in cleveland who promotes himself as having "screens for all sizes and types" of lcds, leds, etc etc. I wonder who their supplier is? >.< grrrrrrrrr. Either way thanks still :)

The only magic answer for screen replacements is to take the serial number of the device and use it to look for the replacement part number of the screen on the devices manufacturers web site, there is one catch I have come across some manufacturers will only allow authorized dealers and repair agents on that part of their site and also will only supply such authorized agency's. Siemens is one such company and so are many others.  Another spanner I have come across in the past is the replacement part numbers are totally different from the original this ploy is very popular among car manufacturers, even changing the part numbers from time to time such that even the dealers have trouble finding the right part.   


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