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Symmetric power supply from 0-15V Power supply

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Hello everybody,

I am making a project, and I have a chip that has a GND pin, a +5V and a -5V pin. Now I only have a 0-15V DC power supply. This is probably an easy to solve question, but how can I get these voltages from a single 0-15V DC power supply?

Thank you!  :o

well actually it's not so easy to solve.

What chip is it, what does it do and how much current does it draw, what is the total current draw of the circuit.

You could use two regulator circuits, one at 5V and one at 10V but the one at 5V much also sink current so would be tricky, maybe use a power opamp.


the chip is use is the MAX038 function generator. What would be the easiest solution to solve this? Do transformators exist who can give me these voltages?

Thank you

It's actually pretty easy to solve.

Set the voltage to 10V and use a virtual earth circuit consisting of an op-amp and a couple of transistors.

well a transformer needs drive circuitry, how much of your circuit needs 5-0-5 volts ? what current do you need at these voltages ?
you might get away with a potential divider but that is a very wasteful method and you would need to somehow level shift the output for the rest of the circuit if you required any amount of power


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