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Tektronix 2225 vs Tektronix 2230 vs Philips PM 3055

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Looking for a bit of advice.  I can pick up either the Tektronix 2230 (<= $150) or Philips PM 3055 (< $100) locally or a Tektronix 2225 (whatever the going rate is) off of Ebay.  I am however a total and complete newbie.  I am a software developer my profession and have virtually no background in hardware other than an interest. 

The Tektronix 2230 is labeled as a digital scope, however I am also under the impression it is an analog scope.  (At this point I'm just planning on buying a Rigol DSO when the time comes). The Philips seems to be targeted for television repair but it is rated for 60 Mhz whereas the 2225 is 50 Mhz and the 2230 is 100 Mhz.  So just from a Mhz perspective it seems like the Philips is the better deal when compared to the 2225. 

Anyway, there is very little I understand at this point, so all the other important aspects of oscilloscopes is lost on me, though I am trying to understand it all.  So if someone would care to share any insight or direction I'd really appreciate it.


The 2230 is indeed a "combi-scope" i.e. both true analog and digital, so it would be the most useful out of those 3 scopes, price aside.
The digital side of the 2230 is only 20MS/s though, so pretty ancient stuff compared to a modern digital scope.
4K storage record length is usable.

Although if you plan on getting a Rigol then it can be argued that you are just wasting an extra $50 on the 2230, as you'll almost certainly never use the digital part again.


Any thoughts between the 2225 and the Philips?  Are they basically functionally equivalent?

Also is the added bandwidth of the 2230 (100 Mhz) worth the premium over the other two scopes?

Thanks again

The Philips has a very unusual and "non-traditional" layout, not that it ultimately matters, but just say'n.
There is little practical difference between 50MHz and 60MHz bandwidth.
The Philips has extra on-screen measurement capability if that matters to you,
Usually the idea of getting a used analog scope is so you have an analog scope on hand, and you can learn stuff, and to get one cheaply.
The analog scope will most likely be superseded for most everyday use when you get the Rigol, usually because the form factor is much nicer, and it has proper DSO capability.
So I'd say that it's not worth paying the extra for the 100MHz bandwidth, unless you have a specific need.
I'd probably have the 2225, just because it's a basic no nonsense analog scope. But I have personally lusted after that Philips with the LCD displays since I was a kid :->


I might have to buy the philips just for the lust factor.  Yeah I noticed too that the Philips has a very unusually layout.  Based on your blog on the 2225 I was leaning towards getting that, however seeing what they're going for on ebay I think I"m better off getting either the Philips or the 2230 since it seems both will be cheaper.  I'll see what the best price I can get on either unit and go from there.

In some ways the 2230 seems better because it has a traditional layout and I was under the impression that for some computer circuit based stuff having 100 mhz would come in handy.  However the Philips seems to be a good unit and the previous owner seems to have babied it which is always a good thing.  It also has a better price so we'll see.

On a different note do you have any recommendations as far as Function Generators go?  I'm looking at a LG FG-7002C, which I really like how it looks, a LG FG-8002, which lacks a digital display but based on the higher model number I assume means its a better generator, and a Lodestar 2102AD, which looks ugly as sin and who apparently is a small player since I haven't found much about them.

Thanks again!


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