Author Topic: Wireless mains remote master / slave switch module, where do I find one?  (Read 433 times)

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Hi guys

I am trying to turn on some lights somewhere else in the house if the main lightswitch is turned on. Hence I am looking for a transmitter watching the status of the main light switch to then also set the receiver relay module the same way. Basically a remote wall switch with the wall switch replaced by a transmitter monitoring the preinstalled one.

I think this does what I am looking for, I am however looking for the correct name of this module as well as If there is anything like this on digikey or mouser that I can actually order.

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The complete name seems to be ERM-DAU-277.

I don't think you will find this kind of specialized module on Digikey.

It could be a funny project though.

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Alright, I thought this was a standard product. If I have to do it myself I think ill do it with Sonoff and Tasmota. Thanks for the inputs! Wish there was a standard off the shelf solution out there that can easily be purchased...
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The requirements are a bit vague but it sounds like signalling over the powerline might be the way to go.
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