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The RX MCU Design Contest is true


So few weeks ago i went to http://renesasrulz.com/community/rx-contest, and laugh about it and register thinking that it was a joke. and guess what i got the the board and the book today!!!!

I'm going to receive mine pretty soon as well.

I'm going to start working on the project I registered, but I'm wondering what will happen if I don't finish it on time for several reasons.

Am I need to return the board ?

I didn't find anything on the contest rules about this, well I just made a quick read.

I'm pretty sure you don't have to return the board.
It's a write-off for them. They know that X amount of people are not going to go through and send in a finished entry.


For those interested in the Renesas RX design contest, get your entries in before the end of March!
With only 12 entries so far, your chances of winning are pretty darn good!  ;)




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