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There is any Standard Frequency For Measurng Inductors With LCR Meter?

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--- Quote from: radiolistener on May 26, 2024, 11:21:56 pm ---The standard frequency for such kind of measurement is a frequency which will be used in circuit where you're planning to use this inductor or capacitor. If you're using professional LCR meter, you can setup frequency for measurement

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Exactly this.  Always test at the intended frequency (range) of use. 

Note that older LCR meters (and all handheld LCR meters I've ever used) can only test at a set of discrete frequencies - usually about a dozen on handhelds and up to several dozen on benchtop meters.  Newer benchtop LCR meters (should) allow you to enter a specific frequency.

I mention both of these in my video on LCR meters:


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