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thinking on an adjustable power supply max 200amps

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M. András:
hi i would like to get some advice on this, idea is that it would be powering and testing some high current motors, power leds etc. maybe multiple rails each up to 50 volts, i thinking on a huge transformer with pwm regulation or a complete switchmode supply, but the problem is i cant find a controller ic neither of these ideas with high enough ratings, can are these be extended with external devices to work on these levels or somehow bypassed, these can work on few amps, voltage range of these would be good for me, i cant find any controllers from any of the manufacturers unfortunately for this idea ( extra thing would  be an adjustable current limit too)

There are a massive number of regulator chips designed to work with external transistors. You should have no trouble finding hundreds.

But 200A at 50V - that is 10,000 watts. Unless you really understand the problems of power electronic design, such a design is a near impossible task.

It is very good if your power supply can achieve 90% efficiency. That means you will be dissipating 1KW of heat in transistor resistance losses and switching losses.

When you have this much energy involved in switching transients, you are taking big time vaporizing of components as you are sorting out the bugs.  This is a big budget project for power electronics design experts.

Where is the 10KW+ coming from anyway? 3 phase mains?


have a look at the circuit and design for some of the DIY electric vehicle motor controllers out there.
They normally PWM from 72v to 144v at a few hundred amps.

What about repurpose a welding machine?

M. András:
it would be the theoritical maximum power of the different invidual rails, at now simply looking for ideas, advices, if its  possible within reasonable limits so it can change in a wide range, at now with lack of instruments, enough knowledge for these applications (due to missing years from school) and budget, and with the limits of the mains power fuses by the supplier im limited to approx 4KW power on each of the 3 phase (3x16A 230v lines) there is no dedicated true 3 phase connector in the whole building dont know why they didnt made one 30 years ago

as far as i know a welding machine has really poor effiency


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