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ESD Setup
« on: June 03, 2019, 05:38:30 pm »
I got a JBC soldering station and it has an equipotential connector on the back. I measured the resistance between the tip and the earth, the tip and the connector, and the connector and earth. I figured out that the resistance between tip and earth is next to nothing and the connector seems to have something in the MOhm range.
So I am wondering now what the best way to connect all the esd stuff might be. Before measuring I thought the connector might be an additional thing to ground the tip but that's wrong and I guess it's to connect some other ESD device. I have an ESD mat with an banana plug and ordered a wrist band with banana plug and a adapter to mains. So I could plug mat and wrist band to this adapter or connect them and plug them in the station and get rid of the adapter again or use a combination or whatsoever. I assume it doesn't matter and in that case I wouldn't need the mains adapter.
Any Ideas?

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