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TPS62160 buck controller problem
« on: November 07, 2015, 08:38:26 am »
Dear everybody,

I was just trying to upgrade my library with a new low-power buck converter, that could switch up to a few MHz in order to save space and reduce ripple in my designs.

I had a go with the TPS62160.

In the problematic project, the design included two of them: 12V(external PSU) to 5V and another 5V to 3V3 downstream.

The 3V3 worked flawlessly and was able to surge 1A constant current with no problems. So did the 5V until I started with the external PSU power up-down cyclic test. The 3V3 worked perfectly (I guess, since it is downstream to the 5V, it had better filtering of the spikes already), the 5V though, had given up after a couple of cycles.

I had the oscilloscope connected and the trigger set at 15V at all times, with no capture to be seen. Even though the varistor+TVS+LC filter is always to be included in my designs, I expected to work without it since my Manson PSU has a relative good signal quality.

I cannot help thinking, that it has to be a spike over the 17V max volts the chip can witherstand. I have already decided myself for the LMR14206 (I accept recommendations here, something in the MHz range, 3-30Vin, 0,8A...) but I keep wondering what the real cause was and how it could be avoided in other designs.

Many thanks for your time.


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