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Transfer 10mA square wave through glass

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Hi forum.
Sounds strange but I need to transfer a 10mA square wave (period 3ms duty cycle 20%) (-15V +15V) signal through a dividing glass I cannot drill with wires.
I have a generator that outputs with two wires: signal wire + ground (return) wire to the transducer but the problem is that the transducer needs to be inside a glass and completely sealed. No leakage is allowed so no wires has to cross the sealing.
First question is: is such a device possible?
I was thinking of an inductive transfer but the problem is if I can transmit square waves.
Do I need to code them?
Could you please point me to some direction?
Thank You so much

Robert Smith Eco Warrior:
Glass is a good insulator so I don't know how you would directly conduct a signal. Could you have an infrared led one side and reciever the other side to pass the signal through the glass?

Maybe some kind of optical isolating transfer? You can square it up with an opamp later...

The question I have is: Do you want to transfer the information, the energy or both?

If it‘s just the information you could amplify a weak signal after detecting it at the receiving end of the fiber. Think of it like a really long opto insulator.

Transfer energy is much harder to archeive. But there are solutions to get energy to the receiving end (reasonably powerful laser and photovoltaic cells at the receiving end). But that has losses. If you can‘t amplify the signal you can‘t use that.

I don't know the details of your glasswork, but hermetic glass-to-metal seals are a well known technology (think thermionic valves). You may be able to use one with a low temperature glass frit seal to your glasswork?


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