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Title: Troubleshooting Microprocessor Based Systems - book recommendation
Post by: Fraser on July 02, 2013, 10:56:36 pm
To those new to diagnostics and troubleshooting on microprocessor based systems, I have a book recommendation for you.

Title: Troubleshooting Microprocessor-Based Systems   NOT Troubleshooting on Microprocessor-Based Systems

Author: Allan H Robbins / Brian Lundeen

ISBN: 013931296X    and      978-0139312960

Amazon: (

I bought this book because I am currently working on a high density MC68340 based embedded computer that HALTS during boot. A nasty fault to tack down as I have no support or information from the manufacturer. I have been hunting around for some guidance on the best approach to take.

This book arrived this morning and has been an excellent read. It answered all of my questions and concerns regarding diving into a non responsive embedded computer that is providing no fault codes.

The book is available cheaply in the used marketplace. It was so useful and cheap that I bought a spare  :-+