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Trying to find an oxide removing pen/stick for soldering corroded components

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Cyber Akuma:
During one of the many of the soldering tutorial videos I was watching, one of them (I can't find which one it was I saw though) I saw the person at one point use some kind of pen/stick which had a bit that looked a pencil eraser remove the oxide from a heavily oxidized component's leads fairly quickly and easily, though I didn't put much thought into it back then.

I was recently putting together some cheap soldering DIY kits I got from Aliexpress to practice my soldering and noticed that many of the components had leads that had some heavy corrosion. I tried using fine sandpaper and rubbing alcohol to clean it off, and it sort of worked but not too well, plus it was difficult to make the sandpaper contact with the smaller component's leads this way.

I think I might have to use that pen for these kits, but I can't find the video again or remember what it was called. When I try to search for it I keep getting results for flux pens or conductive ink pens, which is not at all what I am looking for. This pen looked to have some sort of rubbery or silicone tip that acted abrasive. Anyone here know what it's called so I know what to look for?


A fiberglass scratch brush, maybe?

fiberglass scratch brush works for soldering but for contacts it will actually scratch them up its aggressive. invaluable tool, I keep it in a box so it does not dirty things up with its fibers

your looking for a abrasive rubber pen, its a material used for dremel wheels and burrs too, big boy versions for welding exist also (some are leather with abrasive too)

a mild version is used for erasing ink pens

Muttley Snickers:
I always give old toothbrushes a second life, they are just too handy to throw away particularly for various cleaning applications.   :D ;D 


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