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Two voltage regulators

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Can there be a problem having two voltage regulators in one circuit?

I have a 7805 and a LD33CV. This is not permanent though, in the future I'm going to use only 3.3v

I think to answer your question we'd need more details. Can you post a circuit diagram?

yes, what are you doing with them, are you trying to connect them in parallel ?

I'm guessing you have a 5V and a 3.3V driven off it ? that is fine but do remember that the 5V one must be able to take the current for both 5V and 3.3V. If you have a low current requirement of the 3.3V and are dropping to 5V from a high voltage like 12v I'd suggest separating them to take some thermal load off the 5V one unless of course it is well over speced and maybe your trying to get very stable 3.3V

then fire away, no problems there, just make sure they both have their own decoupling capacitors

Care to mention how much current is required?

For optimal battery life use a low drop-out regulator for 5V. The 3.3V regulator can be a standard LM317 because the drop-out isn't important.


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