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Hello, I have recently bought my first oscilloscope from ebay. I was just wondering, does anyone have any idea what the following buttons are for?
-Delay (Norm, search, delay)
-Hold Off

I tried them out but they don't seem to do anything special :D so I'm guessing I don't know what to do with them. Any help is appreciated! Thx!

sounds like something to do with the triggering, do you have the scopes manual ?

Well I have the manual online, but it didn't really help me.  :(
It is here: http://www.hameg.com/manuals.0.html, search for HM605


Here is the manual: http://www.opweb.de/model.php?id=356

I believe the delay and hold-off features are with respect to the trigger. Delay is in time from the trigger to the trace. Hold off is important near sweep frequency, and delays the next sweep. Not sure about single, but may activate internal trigger. Actually, not sure about any of this as I don't have a Hameg, so RTFM ;)

Skimming the manual I see both Delay and Hold functions explained - please quote parts you would like explained. I don't see references to "single" anywhere. Where is it?


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