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Upload a program to FPGA on OSX


I have recently get a hand on a Pailllio FPGA board and I must admit that I am totally a noobs about FPGA. So I would like to get it work on OSX. After some reading on internet I have founded that OSX is not really a good platform for that but still I would like to have a try. I can always fall back to a  Linux VM.

So my question is what is the process for uploading a vhdl or verily program?

I have been able to compile and install icarus and also the papillio loader but apparently when I try to target fpga with icarus I got the folioing error:

--- Code: ---$ iverilog -t fpga -o hello.bit  test.v
ERROR: Unable to read config file: /usr/local/lib/ivl/fpga.conf
--- End code ---

So I am wondering if I did not miss a step


Well I don't have the answers you're looking for, but it appears fairly obvious that specifying "-t fpga" causes it to look for a file at /usr/local/lib/ivl/fpga.conf. Maybe the file is supposed to be there and it isn't. Maybe the file is there but can't be read or parsed for other reasons. A good first step would be investigating the existence of that file.

That file path isn't where you'd expect to find user-editable configuration files, so it likely contains hardware definitions or the like. It may be that you need to install additional packages or compile the software with additional switches in order for this file to be there. Or perhaps you need to specify something other than fpga. You could see what files do exist in that directory and try one of them instead (perhaps there's an fpga2.conf or an FPGA.conf).

Unfortunately Icarus doesn't know anything about (proprietary) Xilinx FPGAs. The only way you can generate working bit files is to use the Xilinx tools, and this means using Windows or Linux.


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