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UPS and solid state relays


For years I have had an APC UPS with 5 Song Chuan 832A series relays (24VDC 30A SPDT 5p). In the last month I am experiencing many power problems in my area and the relays sound so many times that it is quite annoying. Do you see feasible to replace them with solid state relays to avoid the noise? what solid state relays may I use to replace the old ones? Thanks in advance

Song Chuan 832A relays (Mouser):

If you want to use this board, you must use the same relay. SSR has a different pinout and PCB footprint, if you want to use SSR, you will need to redesign and remake the board completely.

Ok, thanks for your comment but the footprint of the relays is not an issue and there is plenty of space inside the UPS to add mods. Let's say I design some daughter boards for SSR that mimic the footprint of the original EMR (electromechanical relays). What would be the ideal SSR to use as a replacement? Would this be possible? Can a modern SSR provide electrical isolation comparable to an old EMR?


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