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Usual specs of a breadboard/protoboard

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im looking on ebay for breadboards and ive looked at a couple of other places to see what the specs are for a typical breadboard/protoboard.

does anybody know?

What specifications are you looking for?

Breadboards are plug boards where you can plug in through hole components to test circuit designs. If you are located in the USA they all look like this one, the only difference being size and number of holes:


The price for the one above is decent. As far as I can tell from outward appearances they all come from the same factory regardless of price or vendor and all are identical.

Protoboards are usually considered to require soldering. They come in a multitude of layouts, sizes and designs. There are so many choices that you really need to determine what you want to build on one before you can look for the best option.

the specs i need to know for the bread board (sorry i forgot protoboard was something else) is how much voltage and amps can it handle basically. im using different batteries for making circuits on the bread board and i wanted to know how high a voltage and amps i could go with the batteries without burning it up or something.

I'm not sure any breadboard manufacturer will give you current rating specs, but don't plan to put a lot through one - it's fairly easy to melt the plastic if things get hot.

If you're doing high current work, use a proper prototype technique. Breadboards are really only good for prototyping low speed, low current circuits.

Apart from being suitable only for low currents, you also have to consider the size of the component leads. The legs on something like a TO220 package are a bit fat for the springs in the breadboard, and although you can plug one in, it is likely to bend the springs apart and create holes with poor contact for thin leads in the future.


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