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Found this page , of an new brand of Oscilloscopes , 
has lots of educational videos ..

If you have free time , take a look.


Lecroy is not actually that new, they have been a high-end scope vendor for a long time (they were founded in 1964, not sure if they made scopes back then). Their entry in entry-level scopes is somewhat recent (five years?). But thanks for the link, will check them out later.


--- Quote from: alm on September 13, 2010, 03:09:28 pm ---Their entry in entry-level scopes is somewhat recent (five years?)

--- End quote ---
I think even later. Rumor is LeCroy's entry level oscilloscopes are rebadged Atten/Siglent. If this is true it is IMHO a severe laps of judgment from a company like LeCroy.

The new (even more) entry level scopes may be more recent, but I had the Waverunner 6000 series in mind, which was launched in 2003, but admittedly is slightly above entry level (350MHz/$10k in 2003).

good share !!!


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