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Wanted: Free C Compiler for Windows 7 64 or Windows XP

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I know nothing about computer programming so I bought a book "Beginning C" so I could learn. Unfortunately, they do not include or even say where to get a C Compiler at  :-\

Could someone provide me a link because I do not know what the differences are between C, C#, C++, etc. compilers or if they all work the same.

I can emulate Windows XP on this version of Windows 7, so that is not a problem.

Thanks in advance.

I rather like this one
It says it's a C++ compiler, but when you select a new project, you can choose C as the language. As a general rule, C will compile on most of those compilers. C++ as a language has everything that C has, but adds a lot more functionality on top.
C# is very useful if you're planning on making graphical applications on Windows (limited functionality on Linux) as all the code to create windows, buttons, dialogues etc. is written for you. Well, there's a lot more to both C++ and C# but as a quick guide...
If you want to lean pure C with no extensions (useful if you also want to run your code on MCUs), then this is a useful book as well

There's a version of the GNU c compiler called MinGW (Minimal GNU for WIndows).

It's free and well supported.


--- Quote from: GeoffS on January 25, 2011, 08:58:50 pm ---There's a version of the GNU c compiler called MinGW (Minimal GNU for WIndows).

It's free and well supported.

--- End quote ---

IIRC the free integrated development environment (IDE, in other words a text editor, link to compiler, other useful tools) dev-c++ uses the same compiler. I think it's a very good and easy to use IDE, and you usually don't have anything to setup for starting.
As C++ is an extension of C (contains all C), all C++ (standard) compilers must compile C code.

Code:Blocks is a more modern Version of DevC++ (from Bloodshed).
I used both, and both are ok (I've only written rather simple command line applications so far).


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