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Open-source firmware for chinese Geiger counters/radiation meters

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Hello everyone.

I have recently released an open-source firmware for replacing the firmware of some chinese Geiger counters/radiation meters. The link is https://github.com/Gissio/fs2011pro. Do you think this forum is appropriate for posting this? In case it is, where should I post it?



No. I do not think it is inappropriate. Thanks.


--- Quote from: barshatriplee on April 10, 2023, 02:58:58 pm ---No. I do not think it is inappropriate. Thanks.

--- End quote ---

Who are you?

Non zero chance in your lifetime you will wish you had a radiation meter

I went to look at these on Ebay and see that there is a 2023 version of this little counter.  Do you have plans to hack that one?  Thanks for the contribution, pretty interesting.

Apologies for raining on people's parade, but I wonder how much effort it's worth sinking into something that's the equivalent of a $10 DMM?  The tube they're using is unfamiliar, Chinese detectors usually use an M4011 or more recently J305's but those cost nearly as much as the entire detector does in this case so whatever this is it's even cheaper than that.  Doing custom software for that would be like souping up an Austin Allegro.

If you do want to sink engineering effort into radiation monitoring, something built around a semiconductor detector would be a really useful thing to work on since currently it's mostly a DIY job using scintillators, photomultipliers, and multichannel analysers.


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