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What Happened To My Aquarium Water Pump?

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Hello everybody! Thanks to those who tried to help with my previous problem.

This time my water pump stopped functioning and this is second time my water pump failed actually. I bought it with aquarium half year ago. I tried hitting it like i did first time which made it to continue functioning, but this time it did not help. However! It works but does ot function. I hear working sound, feel vibration but it does not pull water in.

Here are its pictures:

What can be done? It says to not operate without water. If i am going to disassemble it, how am i going to still operate it without water?


bin job ! sounds like the impeller has broken off the motor shaft


--- Quote from: Simon on October 24, 2011, 11:38:03 am ---bin job ! sounds like the impeller has broken off the motor shaft

--- End quote ---

Maybe i should disassemble and take a look?

i dont think impeller can get torn apart by water, except if some power abuse is applied, maybe jam due to dirt or worn out magnet/coil. try opening it up, what else can you do other than that? buy new? :D

Although hitting things is a time honoured repair technique, there are limits to its effectiveness. It sounds like either something is broken or there is a blockage. It says do not operate without water as the water would be required for cooling and lubrication. You could run it briefly without water for testing. However if you open it up you will likely break the water tight seal around the electrical elements and then it will be very hard to seal it up again. It may be best to just buy a new one.


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