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What IC To Use To Convert TTL to 24VDC PNP Output

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Just new to circuit design.  Really having trouble finding an IC to do a basic TTL to 24V Sourcing output.  Someone told me to search for "High Side Switch", but I'm not really finding anything that seems right to me.  When the TTL output is on (Pin goes to 0V), I want the output of the IC to be 24VDC.  When the TTL output is off (5V), the output should be pulled down by a resistor.  Maximum output around 500mA.  Needs protection from switching solenoids and such.

I know this should be dead common and simple, but I'm a noob.

Thanks for any help.  Cheers.

If you do a search for "High Side Driver". you should find a number of alternatives to wade through.

Most of the modern devices will be mosfet output rather then PNP transistor, but that should be fine for you.


you can probably do it with discrete transistors ? although if your looking to have a connection to ground and one to 24V for each state then you might want to look at something like a mosfet driver IC which may be able to source the current you want or you can use it to drive a pair of mosfets. Most of these chips take 5V logic signals and convert them

If you are using cheep solenoids the you defiantly need to protect the micro.  Does it need to be solid state and PNP?

You can just use a relay with a 5v coil like http://search.digikey.com/us/en/products/TSC-105L3H,000/PB1017-ND/1095338

You don't need any ICs or a relay. Two BJTs will do, one PNP and one NPN.

This circuit will work off 24V as well as 12V.

T2 can be replaced with a P-channel MOSFET.


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