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What Is This Mounting/Fixture Board?

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I've been searching for a board like the one in this video: by Robotics Mate. Any idea where I can get one or a name for it I can use in a search. A search on 'mounting board' doesn't work
Attached is a screen capture. I'm referring to the orange plastic board with the evenly spaced holes.

looks like pegboard,but thats normally wood or metal

My first thought was that was some flavor of Veroboard, but that is more DIP oriented with through-hole diameter .100" spacing, so that's not it.

I'm guessing it's some unique product, but acrylic pegboard (normally used to hang things on your wall) looks quite similar...   Pegboard is usually 1" on center holes, not sure how the board you're looking for is designed.


Edit - N/M this is WAY too big.  Right idea though - search more for acrylic pegboard and perhaps there is a smaller variant?

You could try asking the guy himself... he seems to be responsive to questions asked in the comments:


If you search for “perforated acrylic sheet” or “perforated plastic sheet” you will find many variations on this type of board. There are even prototyping perforated plastic panels offered by Alibaba.


There are many materials offered in perforated sheet format, including Acrylic (Perspex), PVC and Polypropylene, as available here…..




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