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What's so cool about "analog"?

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I never understood why people seem so fascinated with "analog".

There is a company called "Analog Devices". 

A guru named Jim Williams worked in the field of "analog circuits".

I even subscribed to a YouTube channel called "Kiss Analog".

So... I guess analog must be really cool?! Otherwise people would name these "digital"?

Would anyone please explain to me why they love "analog"? I always thought digital IC's are better. Right?!
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Analog computing for a visual representation of differential equations.

When digital hardware malfunctions, the reason is often analog in nature.

If you compare the number of things people call analog vs those people call digital I think there are more digital stuff than analog. But well analog computing is cool.

Why is everyone is raving about oranges, but apples are clearly better. What gives?

Also, AD was funded in 1965 when the "digital" was pretty bad.

And also, how would we know why you subscribed to some random YT channel?


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