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Where can i buy a Remplacement Desoldering gun ?


hello people ,

i have a solder/desolder station ( with a vacuum pump ) but i need a replacement gun (the one that come with it is broken)... Where can i find one ?

Here some picture of the station :

i need a gun like it :
i find it on that site : http://www.a1parts.com/solomon/index.html
but it cost 52$+shipping ! i bought the station in a yard sale for 5$ i think , i am not gonna buy a 50$ gun !?.

What isn't working about the gun? is it physically damaged (smashed/cracked/etc.)? if not perhaps the heating element just needs to be replaced. (assuming the base station is working correctly)

Still, even buying a new gun that's pretty cheap to get a working desoldering station.

The station it self is working ( the pump works , and everything ).
The old gun is cracked ,melted and the tip is missing , but the element still works .

Off topic...Hitachi8....surely you are not located in the Toronto Area???...i only ask because A1 is in the Toronto area and i frequently go to that store....

On a side note, if anyone IS in the TO area...you will not find a better store to find electronics then A1....truly a mecca of surplus parts...and no...i don't work there..LOL

**edit** upon re reading your post i see that you were considering shipping...so no...you likely dont like in TO...heh....where do you live...just curious?


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