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it has 502B written on the side of it. i bought 6 units from local shop he said its an old (left over) stock he cant supply new order anymore. tried finding in the net with no luck, and my net is very slow finding in digikey with thousands kind of pot will take me forever. so i ask help on other resources or if you have seen this bugger somewhere for sale. thanks.

Is that corrosion on the top of it?

It just looks like a miniature pot. Given that any potentiometer is the same as any other potentiometer, what exactly is it about this one that you want to repeat? Physical size, electrical characteristics, mounting arrangement, ... ?

yes it is corrosion since from the shop, now its worst, its an old stock. its been a year with me. i can consider different model with the following rule/criteria...
important criteria... footprint and dimension size (ie small), 1 turn only no need multiturn, you see the knob? thats small diameter and nice, i dont have to buy additional knob for it, just use as is directly. most important point is that its compact but yet comfortably controlled. i dont need high electrical spec since its only for mcu adc input (reading voltage level... hi impedance stuff), but the greater the resistance the better (> 1K ohm), to avoid unneccesarry current consumption to ground from the 3V supply. any mounting type will do, with condition it will not take too much space in the pcb/product. thanks.

What is the range on that? That could help in searching.

I came across this: http://www.electronicsurplus.com/Item/151439/Mechatronics%20Industrial%20-%20Potentiometer_%2010K%20Ohm_%20-%20RV121NH%20B10K/ which looks very similar for control/pinning, but the dimensions do not match what you have posted.

Dear Mechatrommer:

--Please visit the below link.


--This pot would appear to be the updated version of your old one. It is slightly larger in one dimension. You will have to check the data sheet to make sure, but I believe this might be what you need. Best Regards
Clear Ether


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