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where to get parts and breadboard for cheap

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so im looking for a electronics components kit that has the wide array of parts needed to start out working with electronics and i also need a good breadboard.

so far ive just looked on ebay and found some cheap ones but im not sure they have anythign i need and really dont know what im looking for anyways to start me out.

im reading an electronics hobby book and it said to get a breadboard and electronic parts to practice the stuff it has in it.

so anybody got a suggestion of a good place to get the parts for cheap and a breadboard? thanks

I like these vendors:


I'm not sure about their service to countries other than the US, however.  

EDIT:  I'll add:
(Not to be confused with futurelec)

Well you would need the following parts:

Resistors -> I suggest getting every value from the E24 Series, Metalfilm resitors, 0.6 Watts

Diodes: Some common typed used are the 1N 4001-4007 typed (for recitfiers), 1N 4148 is one you often encounter, 1N 5817-5821

Zener-Diodes: The whole range from 2,2 volts up to 33 volts would be nice to have

LED: Just get a few 5mm ones for starters.

Capacitors: Depends, again the whole range from 1 pF up to 2200 µF would be nice. I wouldn't buy bigger ones in bulks, as they are expensive (depending on voltage rating).

Some Common Transistors: BC 547, BC328, BC 338

Some ICs like the NE555, OP-Amps: TL 071-074

Well the list keeps going on ... :(

I am sort of having the same problem as you, but I am not someone who thinks up circuits, as I am too retarded for that unless it's pretty easy, like a NE555 or MC34063 (watch Daves Vid on this one). I am more of a builder (I replicate circuits from others that I find on the net). So my approach is kinda that if can identify common types in a project I want to build I might stock up on those common types a bit, if my budget allows it.

I don't know if this helps you. As for dealers I don't have any suggestions, as I live in Germany. Maybe www.dealextreme.com is sort of OK if you don't mind importing stuff.

Anyway ... good luck,

i was wondering what one should consider/know about breadboards before purchasing one.

there are a bunch on ebay but almost none of them have instructions or specs on them to see what they are capable of or what not.

one quesiton i do have off the bat is what is the total amount of voltage, current, and power a breadboard can handle?

Take a look at Futurlec.
They sell breadboards and components, check out the value packs on the linked page.


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