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Which MCU is better?


I want to start a project remote control with rfm22. I need to choose a mcu:
2. STM32F2
Which is better? I know that the question is very unprofessional, but I need to choose a MCU with better performance (Speed, Periphery).

Na, it's not unprofessional, your question is quite valid in this case.
Those two micros aren't even in the same class.

Keep in mind, that part numbers for a micro don't always signify it's bit size.
The ATMEGA32 is an 8bit micro running up to 16MHz with 32KB of flash ram
where as the STM32 is a 32bit ARM micro running up to 120MHz with 128->1024KB flash ram.
So the STM32 will be way faster in general and ridiculously faster for any floating point math.

A better comparison would be between the STM32 and an Atmel 32bit micro, like the AT32UC3.
However, i've not used any of the Atmel 32bit micros so i probably shouldn't comment except to say that the AT32UC3 isn't ARM based so the STM32 is probably going to have better documents/support out there to help you code on it.

Performance, ROM, RAM and the number of peripherals is better on the Cortex M3, no contest. Advantages of the ATmega might be 5V operation (plenty of sensors and displays are still designed for 5V), current source/sink capability, complexity and availability in larger pin pitches (DIP/TQFP). The 32 refers to 32kB of ROM, not to 32-bits. An 8-bit MCU might be easier to start with.

The AVR32 is pointless in my opinion, I wouldn't start with it if you don't have anything invested in it. The Cortex M3 is widely available from multiple manufacturers.

Tell me please what the difference STM32F1 and STM32F2 ??

With some Googling you should be able to find these two pages, which will allow you to compare the two.

STM32 F1
STM32 F2


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