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Which one will I build first, DIY SMPS or DIY Linear Power Supply?


Hello Everyone. This will be my first post :) and my first language is not english ;D so feel free to comment any grammar error and etc.

I have recently viewed EEVblog #168 - How To Set Up An Electronics Lab video and I was inspired to set up my own electronics lab. Currently, I have the basic tools needed in electronics for beginners (cheap mains soldering iron, soldering lead, soldering hand-pump, breadboards and electronic parts from my old CRT monitors)except for Bench DC Power Supply. I was planning to build my own bench power supply as my first project. So my question is, which one will I make first: Lab Bench Power Supply from Computer ATX Power Supply or Linear Power Supply. Currently, I think I have all the parts need to build both of them.

Short Circuit:
An ATX power supply never transforms into a lab power supply. At best into an ATX PSU with banana jacks.
They can be usefull for some high-power tricks though. For time being just build a nice linear psu.

ATX can be moded to wonderful things, however mains voltage is dangerous and slight mistake could send the supply into a explosion (especially if you wind the output voltage too much and dont replace caps on the output)

Go for linear, they are simple, well documented, easy to troubleshoot and repair, stable, they are made from ready available parts... list goes on...

Thank guys for your suggestions, it helps a lot for a beginner such as myself. Time to draw schematics for my linear power supply. I will upload my schematics soon here.


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